Doctor Who – Series two re-evaluation and a meme

The Idiot's Lantern

And so, the block-viewing of Doctor Who continues. We made it through the rest of the Ecclescake series and are now towards the end of series two.

Some further notes then, both on the episodes and the comments on the last entry:

  • If red is indeed the universal colour of campness (cf The Empty Child), is the Dalek Supreme the campest of all the Daleks?
  • Mickey and Rose would have done better to erect an A-frame in the TARDIS console room to redirect the pull of the truck in Parting of the Ways
  • I agree with Stu_N that Christopher E really had trouble with the fun bits, but was great at the darker moments
  • Euros Lyn is a lot better than I recall, except for on The Idiot’s Lantern
  • Joe Ahearne is a really good director, but he’s the “anti-Harper” – sort of “less energy… and action”. He’s great with the character moments and he’s not afraid of a close up, but things really look like they’ve been made on a budget with him and without much energy, unfortunately. I can understand why they didn’t hire him again, but a little disappointed because some of his work was very beautiful
  • Murray Gold: when he’s good, he’s very very good, but when he’s bad, he’s horrid. His work on The Girl in the Fireplace and most of The Impossible Planet is phenomenal, but the rest of the time, ahem, not so good. Shame.
  • Some people, for some reason, like Sylvester McCoy. Did we suffer through Delta and the Bannermen and The Happiness Patrol for nothing? Never forget.

Overall, I’m finding series two less impressive than series one, and Rose and the tenth Doctor really are as irritating together as I recall. Lovely wife is reckoning that about 30% of the episodes are good, 30% okay and 30% not good; I’ve yet to get her to commit on the remaining 10%.

Being the competitive and dedicated sort, she’s also committed herself to getting fully up to speed with 45 years of Who continuity and then to exceed my knowledge so that she will be the master (not The Master). I wish her luck.

Meme of the day: What are your favourite three episodes of nu-Who and why? I’m going to go with:

  1. Turn Left: Because it’s so bleak and miserable, Catherine Tate’s really good in it and Bernard Cribbins is a god
  2. The Family of Blood: because it’s heart-breaking and because the ending is so very, very dark and
  3. Utopia: because it’s so surprising, it speaks to my inner fanboy and because it’s so bleak and miserable.

Leave your faves below or on your own blog, leaving a link below


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