Wednesday’s invisible Variety show news

Variety is broken today, so if there’s no link for a story, that’s the reason. Sorry

Doctor Who


  • Changes are afoot at The Dark is Rising. It’s now called The Seeker for one thing
  • Guillermo Del Toro to make Lovecraft’s At The Mountains of Madness?
  • McG in talks to director Terminator 4. Woo hoo
  • Sacha Baron Cohen wants to remake Sellers’ The Party
  • Vin Diesel to return for fourth Fast and the Furious film
  • Blade Runner: The Final Cut in UK cinemas on 23rd November
  • Bradley Cooper to star in Yes Man with Jim Carrey



British TV


  • Fox to remake ITV’s The Jury
  • Dick Wolf to make show based on Johnny Dynamite graphic novel
  • Prison Break star was forced to quit?
  • Jon Stewart prepping a second Daily Show spin-off: Important Things with Demetri Martin
  • He hasn’t even appeared in an episode yet, but Isaiah Washington might get a spin-off show from Bionic Woman
  • Val Kilmer, Karl Urban, Wes Studi et al to appear in Lonesome Dove prequel
  • Jeremy Piven’s Cupid resurrected
  • Dexter gets more than 1 million viewers – a first for a Showtime season-opener