Sarah Jane’s Doctor Who reference count: number one

Sarah Jane and the Doctor Who references of Doom

Here’s one for the anoraks among us (which must include me, since I’m starting it): spotting subtle references to Doctor Who in The Sarah Jane Adventures. And I mean subtle, not Sarah Jane saying, “I met this alien called the Doctor and travelled in space and time”.

That’s very unsubtle.

I mean subtle references like the following:

  • “UNIT”
  • “The Brig” (he’s alive and still working with UNIT!)
  • “Slitheens in Downing Street?��Ǩ�� something a friend once said” (reference to new Who. And she thinks of Rose as a friend, which is nice)

That’s the most my hazy memory can dredge up from yesterday. Comment below if you spotted any others or want to whip back in time to last week’s episode and spot references there, too.

Ah, feel the nostalgia.

Current odds of the Doctor appearing in the final episode of the series, based on off-hand remarks made on-screen and in the press: 10-1