The BFI’s Celebrating Channel 4 season: the highlights

There’s quite a few things to look forward to next month at the BFI, which is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Channel 4. It’s also celebrating the 25th anniversary of S4C but that’s apparently only produced one good episode of one programme ever. ‘British’ Film Institute my arse.

Anyway, here are things that you might want to buy tickets for, although you’ll have to join the queue or see if 4oD has them:

  • Monday 5th November: The cast and crew of Peep Show showing clips from the unseen pilot, among other things
  • Saturday 10th November: All of Spaced, followed by Pegg, Hynes, Wright and co discussing the series
  • Sunday 11th November: All of A Very British Coup and Ultraviolet
  • Monday 12th November: Episodes of Brass Eye, Jam and Jaaaaam

Plus there are six Film on Four productions, including My Beautiful Laundrette. Get thee to a membership application form, if you’ve not already joined.