The BFI’s Celebrating Channel 4 season: the highlights

There’s quite a few things to look forward to next month at the BFI, which is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Channel 4. It’s also celebrating the 25th anniversary of S4C but that’s apparently only produced one good episode of one programme ever. ‘British’ Film Institute my arse.

Anyway, here are things that you might want to buy tickets for, although you’ll have to join the queue or see if 4oD has them:

  • Monday 5th November: The cast and crew of Peep Show showing clips from the unseen pilot, among other things
  • Saturday 10th November: All of Spaced, followed by Pegg, Hynes, Wright and co discussing the series
  • Sunday 11th November: All of A Very British Coup and Ultraviolet
  • Monday 12th November: Episodes of Brass Eye, Jam and Jaaaaam

Plus there are six Film on Four productions, including My Beautiful Laundrette. Get thee to a membership application form, if you’ve not already joined.

Sarah Jane’s Doctor Who reference count: number one

Sarah Jane and the Doctor Who references of Doom

Here’s one for the anoraks among us (which must include me, since I’m starting it): spotting subtle references to Doctor Who in The Sarah Jane Adventures. And I mean subtle, not Sarah Jane saying, “I met this alien called the Doctor and travelled in space and time”.

That’s very unsubtle.

I mean subtle references like the following:

  • “UNIT”
  • “The Brig” (he’s alive and still working with UNIT!)
  • “Slitheens in Downing Street?��Ǩ�� something a friend once said” (reference to new Who. And she thinks of Rose as a friend, which is nice)

That’s the most my hazy memory can dredge up from yesterday. Comment below if you spotted any others or want to whip back in time to last week’s episode and spot references there, too.

Ah, feel the nostalgia.

Current odds of the Doctor appearing in the final episode of the series, based on off-hand remarks made on-screen and in the press: 10-1

Tuesday’s “it’s The Sun wot won it” news

The Doctor and Rose

Doctor Who




  • As much as we can take: 3 to have 10-second ads featuring the Sugababes

British TV


Review: Big Shots 1.1

Big Shots

In the US:
Thursdays, 10/9c, ABC

In the UK: Not yet acquired

It’s hard to work out what kind of hate drives this “Sex and the City for men”. It’s clearly misogynistic: it has an extremely low opinion of women, thinks they’re all cheats or stupid or sex objects. But despite supposedly being pro-men, it’s clearly misandristic (is that even a word?), arguing we’re all cheats or stupid or put upon wimps. Misanthropic, maybe, since it must think we’re all rubbish, but with different reasons for hating each group, is it really the blanket hatred misanthropy suggests?

Whatever the hate, Sex and the City for men it is not. After all, Sex and the City was about four relatively likeable, initially single women trying to find love/sex/initmacy. They had interests of their own, talents, sense of humour and more.

Here, we have four “big shots” – CEOs and high flying execs of various companies – who are married or formerly married, all being extremely rubbish to everyone around them. Their one common interest appears to be being bitter and being pampered at a club for rich people.

Prepare to hate them back.

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Review: Dirty Sexy Money 1.1

Dirty Sexy Money

In the US: Wednesdays, 10/9c, ABC

In the UK: Acquired by Channel 4

If you’re going to have a show about ridiculously rich people, I guess this is the one to have. Having lots and lots of money, apparently, turns you into murdering, suicidal, adulterous, drug-addicted, idle, alcoholic, spoilt idiots who can fritter millions away on whatever passes through your frontal lobes from second to second.

This isn’t just me being mean to the characters: that’s explicitly how the rich ‘Darlings’ are portrayed in the eyes of our ‘hero’, Nick, who grew up with them thanks to his father being the family lawyer.

Now his father’s dead, the Darlings want him as a replacement but he wants nothing to do with them.

Despite its message though, I found it hard to get too excited about it, even with Peter Krause as the lead. Who am I going to identify with: the Darlings or their slightly less rich new lawyer who finds that absolute power really does corrupt absolutely?

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