Review: Moonlight 1.1


In the US: Fridays, 9pm et/pt, CBS

In the UK: Either Virgin 1 or Living from January 2008

Ooh, I can tell why David Greenwalt legged it in about ten seconds flat after becoming exec producer of this. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner in the which show absolutely, definitely has earned the right to be first cancelled this season. David Tennant – don’t worry, your girlfriend’s coming back home soon.

If you’ve seen anything involving vampires whatsoever, if you’ve even so much as skimmed an Anne Rice novel, you’ll get an eerie sense of dé jà vu from Moonlight. Angel, Interview with a Vampire, or heaven forfend, Forever Knight (and I’m not even talking about the relatively average TV series with Geraint Wyn Davies, but the abysmal pilot movie with Rick Springfield) have all done vampires better.

And not one of them was a stupid, episode-long trailer for a bloody iPhone.

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Locate TV goes into public beta

The PR woman has been belting on at me for ages to give this a mention, and seeing as today, it’s now available to the public rather than just we brave beta testers, I thought I’d finally relent and talk about Locate TV.

It’s supposed to be like Google for tele, movies and actors. You type in the name of a film, TV show or actor, and it tells you what the actor’s been in, when the next showing of the programme or movie is online or on television (you can tell it where you live and what TV services you have access to) or whether it’s available on DVD. You can then embed a little widget in your blog that gives other people access to the equivalent information for their region, etc.

At the moment, it has two problems, apart from a not inconsiderable slowness, IMHO:

  1. The widgets are fugly. Ugh.
  2. It doesn’t do a good job of aggregating data into an easily consumable format – true of Google as well, I suppose, but not helpful when you have to keep going back and forth between search results to make sure you’ve covered all eventualities.

If you do a search for Doctor Who, for example, it gives you 30 results. The first three are

Doctor Who (2005) – TV Series

NEXT ON: Saturday 6th October 12:00pm – UKTV Gold

Time-travelling adventures, following the exploits of the Doctor, aided by his trusty sidekick

Doctor Who – TV Series

Sci-fi adventures with the eccentric Time Lord

Doctor Who – TV Series

A mysterious traveler can visit any point in space and time.

Could have done with them stuck together, I reckon, although the spelling of traveler in the third one suggests an American source, even though it just lists DVDs.

So still a bit wobbly, but could be useful with a bit more smartness in the aggregation logic and a better web designer.

Click to see LocateTV results for Airwolf. Always up to date, always relevant to you.

UPDATE: Stu tells me that a similar – and possibly better – service is available from Bleb. Thanks Stu!

Twenty five years of Channel 4: How did it end?

Stayed up last night to watch the More4 documentary celebrating 25 years of Channel 4. It was a bit patchy, and surprisingly didn’t really cover why Channel 4 was set up in the first place – or how – but it wasn’t bad.

But due to the pressing need for sleep and since Bastard was busily recording House of Flying Daggers on Film4, I didn’t see the last half hour. Did anyone else? And was it in any way uncomplimentary to the current bosses about Celebrity Big Brother, complete lack of anything halfway decent on in terms of drama, documentaries, etc?

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