Third-episode verdict: Bionic Woman

I’m going to hold off full judgement on Bionic Woman for now. Normally that’s because of a sudden surprising increase or decrease in quality. But since the quality’s been pretty much the same, albeit a little better since the pilot, this time, however, it’s because of sudden and surprising increases and decreases in whatever the hell the show is about.

Seriously, are they swapping show runner every episode now? Is it a feminist parable? In episode one, it is. Episode two is a workplace comedy crossed with a lamo action adventure. Episode three is a comedy. Or is it cautionary tale on what happens when you empower women? Or was it a BSG-style piece of darkness about drug abuse and bi-curious stalkers? Erm… I don’t know. They clearly don’t know either. They’re like kids playing with a combination lock, hoping to find the right numbers to attract viewers

Hopefully, by episode five, the show will set down for a true and accurate reading on The Carusometer. For now, though, we’re holding off.

Do you reckon The Carusometer has bionic eyes behind those sunglasses?