End of the week news

Tennant in specs

Doctor Who

British TV

  • BBC3’s just unveiled its Winter/Spring season (free registration required). In the list is a spin-off from Spooks called Rogue Spooks, featuring some young agents who ‘follow a different rule book’ (sounds horrid); six new comedy series, including Gavin and Stacey starring Rob Brydon and Alison Steadman; and Road Kill Café, in which a professional forager tries to persuade members of the public they should ditch regular food for stuff found dead on the motorway.
  • Just in case Gillian McKeith doesn’t horrify you enough already, imagine what it would be like having her live with you. Pity then, the poor participants in the next series of You Are What You Eat.


  • Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller have both been refused cameos on 24 because they’re too recognisable.
  • E!’s Watch With Kirstin has an interview with Dexter‘s ‘ice-truck killer’. Don’t read it if you haven’t started watching yet. There are also a couple of spoilers for Sunday’s finale.
  • The remaining episodes of 3 Lbs. are up on Innertube.
  • This year’s Golden Globe TV nominations are available. Yet again, Battlestar Galactica has been shafted, but Dexter is seeing some love, as is Ugly Betty. And if Alec Baldwin doesn’t win the best comedy actor award for 30 Rock, I’ll be surprised…
  • Talking of Battlestar Galactica, there be pretty significant spoilers ahoy over at the Chicago Tribune, including an interview with Ronald D Moore.