Thursday’s bright and sunny news

Doctor Who

  • A little bit too much time on your hands? How about building a replica TARDIS with working arcade game inside it then? Full instructions await!
  • Billy Piper’s Belle de Jour is happening. No one will notice though because it’s on ITV2 [free registration required]


  • A sequel to Superman Returns has been pushed back since Bryan Singer’s decided to direct something else in the interim
  • Jake Gyllenhaal is rumoured to be playing Captain Marvel in Shazam! No word on whether he’s going to pass himself off as a 13-year-old kid
  • Images and scene descriptions from Transformers
  • Mad Max 4 is on, but without Mad Mel


  • Tutankhamun’s treasures will be on display in Britain for the first time in 30 years in The O2 in November

British TV

  • ITV Play may have been replaced by ITV2+1 (that’s not ITV3, BTW), but a movie channel may be the long-term replacement [subscription required]
  • Saturday Live: series one is coming to DVD on 16th April
  • Gareth Hunt has died [free registration required]


  • Get NBC shows on demand on your cell phone
  • Raquel Welch is joining Jeffrey Tambor’s pilot
  • Dean Cain’s working his way back on to proper television with a pilot. Plus other casting news
  • The Saint is being remade by TNT
  • Prison Break‘s creator promises season three will be brutal. Yey?
  • David Duchovny’s show has been given the go-ahead by Showtime
  • CBS has picked up Jason Biggs’ pilot I’m In Hell
  • Zooey Deschanel talks about Tin Man
  • That big gay ST:TNG episode is finally to be made as part of the New Voyages
  • All the actors from The Nine appear to have found jobs


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