Friday’s slightly more lucid news

Party Doctor

They must have been out partying.

Doctor Who


  • Talk with Zack Snyder about Watchmen. Narrowly avoided: Tom Cruise as Ozymandias.
  • A sequel is being planned for LA Confidential
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is contractually obliged to appear in Terminator 4
  • Latino Review casts its eye over the script for Matt Helm. There’s a blast from the past, hey?


  • Sotheby’s has a Munch sale towards the end of the month

British TV


  • Big changes afoot for season two of Heroes
  • Bereft of inspiration, ABC turns some commercials featuring cavemen into a pilot
  • Richard Dreyfuss joins the cast of Tin Man
  • Season five of The Wire will be the funniest but only run to 10 episodes
  • Lots of casting news, with Donald Sutherland joining Peter Krause’s Dirty Sexy Money
  • Yet another Spiderman cartoon is on the way.
  • Heroes‘ Jessalyn Gilsig gets a pilot
  • Trailer for the last Heroes before the season break
  • Paul Reubens joins the cast of the Area 52 pilot