Justice – another one bites the dust

Justice, which I kind of liked but which I admit has been going downhill a bit since the first episode, has now been pulled from the Fox schedules indefinitely. Another one bites the dust, huh?

As well as US networks, this is all kind of disappointing for British networks since a number of their big acquisitions have already been cancelled. It might also be very disappointing for anyone who’s had to wade through my reviews over the last few months and had their hopes pinned on some of these shows appearing.

Here are the winners, though. UK viewers will see these trumpeted onto their screens from January next year for complete (and so far open-ended) seasons. Don’t forget, mid-season shows Raines and The Black Donnellys are still to air, so no one knows what’s going to happen to them yet.


Jericho (good to very good)

Friday Night Lights (okay to good)

Channel 4/E4/More4

Studio 60 (good)

Ugly Betty (very good)

Brothers and Sisters (absolute arse)

The Class (good to very good)

Five/Five US

Shark (below average to average)

SciFi Channel

Heroes (very good)


Men in Trees (average to good)


Brotherhood (good to very good. Already airing)

Dexter (outstanding)

There are a few stragglers whose fate is ostensibly still to be decided: Standoff (Fox/Sky One), Six Degrees (ABC/ITV), The Nine (ABC/Five) and Vanished (Fox/Five). But they’re all pretty likely to be hitting a dustbin/trashcan some time soon. Also Friday Night Lights’ fate is a little bit up the in air, but the smart money is on it getting a full season.