Third-episode verdict: Heroes


I’ll put in my third-episode verdict on Heroes. I’m not sure if it’s technically the third episode or not, given that the first two episodes were the pilot episode chopped in half, but here it is anyway.

I am recommending this, particularly since NBC has booked the show for an entire season, unlike Kidnapped, of course.

It’s proving, so far, to be a pleasing mixture of comedy, drama and sci-fi. The show’s been going for a slow build since the first episode. But, as well as a catastrophic menace the emerging heroes will have to prevent in just under a month, we also have an adversary in the form of a super-powered serial killer who’s hunting them down. Worse for them still, this guy appears to have all of their powers, not just one of his own. So we certainly have something to look forward to.

We still have the thorny issue of their not knowing what their powers are, how they work or whether they’re just mental cases imagining the whole thing. Or if they’re going to use those powers for good or evil.

It’s not 100% compelling but still intriguing. Worth sticking with for a little while longer, anyway.

  • Each episode so far has had a killer cliffhanger of an ending. And each one better than the last. I’m not sure if this will continue with each new episode, but it’s hard to imagine that Tim Kring will come up with something more “weirded-out” than this past week’s!
    I’ll bet ‘CSI’ would have killed to be able to do that kind of scene!

  • Yeah, I forgot to mention this week’s exceptional cliffhanger. That was a good ‘un. Still, can’t watch a TV show purely for its cliffhangers, can you? That might be an interesting experiment for someone to try though.