Third-episode verdict: Dexter


A slightly speedy third-episode verdict, I know, but that’s the power of the preview for you. Anyway, to cut a long story short, after a very promising first episode, Dexter has gone on only to impress. Darkly comic yet scary, it really is a great show.

Michael C Hall is truly upsetting and outstanding as the apparently normal Dexter, and although the other members of the cast are more than acceptable, it’s on Hall’s shoulders that the entire show rests. He’s more than up to the task

It would have been easy for the show’s producers to create a show that watered down the motivations of the average serial killer to create a nearly loveable anti-hero, but although Dexter does indeed only pick on bad people, at no point do you feel like you’re being asked to root for Dexter or to feel much sympathy for him.

So catch it if you can: it’s on Showtime on Sundays in the US, and will be on FX in the UK next year.