Doctor Who Weakest Link rumoured (and confirmed!)

David TennantThe Sun is claiming that David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and various Doctor Who allies and enemies are to appear on a special edition of The Weakest Link. No word if they’re going to be old-series allies and enemies, although if the rumour is true, I’d expect to see Lis Sladen and John Leeson in there at the very least. Who else would you like to see? Do you reckon they can persuade Pipes (by which I mean Billie Piper, rather than the scary, cat-nibbled ghost from Ghostwatch)? And do you reckon they can stop RTD from working his way on?

UPDATE: Scott has been nice enough to point out that filming will be on the 21st November at Pinewood Studios and you can get tickets at the BBC tickets unit. Thanks Scott!

UPDATE 2: Tickets have gone now. Sorry, guys.