Russell T Davies will be staying on for another series of Doctor Who

More larks from Doctor Who Magazine. This time, RTD confirms he – and everyone else on the production side – will be back for a fourth series, should it be commissioned. Oh, like there are going to be any problems getting that to happen:

“We’re planning for Series Four right now,” Executive Producer Russell T Davies tells Doctor Who Magazine, “as we’re waiting to be commissioned, and the signs are very good.”

“I will stay for Series Four,” he confirms. “I think we all will – Julie [Gardner, executive producer], Phil [Collinson, producer], and I would absolutely love to do it, so we’re waiting for the nod, and we’re fairly confident that it will come. The BBC is so supportive, and they’re delighted with the ratings – not just the ratings, cos they’re not that ratings-conscious, but also the profile, and the energy of the show. They love it.

”So yes, we’re making plans for Series Four. If we waited until they commissioned it, and I don’t know when that’ll be announced, we’d be behind already. Phil and I drove up to Manchester the other day, and we added together all of our ideas for Series Four in the space of that car journey… and we had nine episodes already! Of course, some of them will change, but it’s already gathering shape…!“

Apparently, there’s also going to be news about the eighth Doctor in the issue, on sale on Thursday. Ooh!