Next season spoilers for Doctor Who

Stop reading if you don’t want to know any third season spoilers for Doctor Who.

DT in his T-shirtAccording to RTD in this month’s Doctor Who Monthly, next season

  1. There are not going to be any Ice Warriors (the Mirror lied, unless it was referring to some other green Martians)
  2. Rose isn’t coming back
  3. There will be two returning ‘monsters’ (one will be quite surprising)
  4. Captain Jack is returning for ‘multiple episodes’ (although that could just mean the last two episodes of the series) and
  5. There will be a finale that out-guns the previous two series’ climaxes.

For trivia buffs, the new companion was nearly a Victorian maid, Martha will have a family that will be returned to over the season, but no ex-boyfriend. She is 23. And RTD nearly made her a lesbian.