The joys of a precisely targeted marketing campaign

Apparently, I’m a “reputable influencer” since I mentioned Television.


I just found your Television-related blog entry:, and I think you may be of some help to me. I’m reaching out to you on behalf of M80 & Fox regarding a new Vanished viral video. I think you or your readers will find it very worthwhile. You can view the video here:

Since you mentioned Television, I thought that you might be interested in posting the video on your blog? You seem like a reputable influencer, so I think you’d be a big help to us.

You can check out the video and more here:

Please let me know if you’re interested!


Brandon, M80

[email protected] /

‘Reached out to’? “Poor us. We’re in such terrible trouble. Please help us. We’re reaching out to you.” If I had Fox’s cash, I don’t think I’d be in trouble or in need of reaching out to anyone.

Send me the screener, Fox, and I’ll give that a review. But your virals are pants. And so are your spam-boys…