Review: Doctor Who – 2×1 – New Earth

David Tennant will a silly haircut

What was the most rubbish bit about Doctor Who on Saturday then?

  1. The 20 minutes of padding in the middle of the script
  2. The bit where they forced David Tennant to do an Austin Powers impression?
  3. The fact someone had turned the volume on the incidental music all the way up to 11?

Hopefully next week’s will be better.

  • Urrghh 2) definitely. Made me cringe. A lot.
    Did generally enjoy the episode though – Billie was great I thought.

  • I’m kinda in agreement but I’ve probably cringed more at the endless ranting about innacurately using intravenous drugs as a spray-on cure-all for the diseases. I don’t expect thorough-going reality in hospital treatments in bloody ER/House/Grey’s Anatomy; I’m certainly not expecting it from Doctor Who (though it would have been nice to not rile so many people with the first series two episode…)

  • People who get worked up about a lack of scientific understanding in Doctor Who probably also think Chicken Run should be banned because it depicts talking chickens – when clearly chickens can’t talk.
    I doubt there have been more than five correct scientific statements in the entire 43-year run of Doctor Who so why start worrying now?

  • Rob: you’re dead right, which was why all the generated ranting whinges of Whovians was rather more grating than anything RTD did with his galloping plot-fest.
    And you know what: Jarvis-specs. I can forgive pretty much ANYTHING for them…

  • Shudders. He looks like Nigel Havers in that photo. And I should know, he was at the next table from me at dinner the other night. Sadly, sadly, sadly I mean Nigel Havers. Bah.