Don’t show Channel 4 the results

Just when you think the bottom of every barrel had been scraped, someone goes to the back of the store room and finds yet another one. Yes, all pub conversations can end because finally, word is in of the top “hotel-based movie scene”. Yes, Travelodge got 3,000 people to tell them which scenes in movies set in hotels are the best scenes in movies set in hotels and the results are in: of all the scenes in movies set in hotels, Pretty Woman‘s bath scene is the best, beating both The Shining and Psycho to the number one spot.

Worrying for Travelodge that those two snuck in there, isn’t it? In fact, hotel scenes in general seem to have bad connotations. Best Bullseye voice: “In one: prostitutes! In two: serial killers with multiple personality disorders! In three: homicidal madness caused by ghosts! Now visit your local Travelodge.” Not sure I’d have bothered publishing those results, if I were them, but maybe there’s a whole new demographic for Travelodge to target that I’ve never contemplated.

More worrying though is the idea that Channel 4 will turn the whole endeavour into a list show. Best Jimmy Carr voice: “Number 1 was Pretty Woman. I knew a woman once. She was pretty. Aren’t Gypsies rubbish?”

Thanks Channel 4! Could you not though?