Maybe BBC1 is taking Doctor Who a little too seriously…

Nothing kills a popular show faster than over-hyping. In their mad rush to claw huge quantities of cash and ratings out of DT and co, it’s possible they’re starting to fall into this particular trap (assuming they haven’t already). Take a look at this concept for a new CBBC show: Totally Doctor Who.

Totally Doctor Who are recruiting cadets for a Companion Academy. Eight Cadets will be picked, but only the best will make it through the gruelling physical and mental challenges of the Academy. The prize? A day on the Doctor Who set.

Or if you think you’re the biggest Who brainbox around, take the Who-ru challenge. Stump the Totally Doctor Who studio guests with your Who knowledge and you’ll walk away with some serious prizes.

And Totally Doctor Who also want to hear how much you love Doctor Who. Have you built your own time machine or held a Doctor Who fancy dress party? Send in your photos, videos, stories, pictures, or anything else.

Plus, if you’ve got a burning question you want to put to Doctor Who cast or crew, send it in and the Totally team will do their best to get an answer.

It’s like a junior nerd recruitment drive. And what’s more likely to kill off Doctor Who in the public imagination again? If it becomes really nerdy and anal. Oh dear.Kelly Reilly, David Tennant 4