K9 and Sarah Jane Smith back for another series. Again.

K9 and Company

It’s not often failed pilots get a reprieve 25 years on, but K9 and Company might have a second chance as a series according to The Sun. This isn’t new news – I’d heard whispers about it a couple of months ago – and it’s still not exactly confirmed, but given that one paper’s picked this up means it’s more likely than I’d previously thought. However, The Sun does say the target audience is children. But will kids be interested in Sarah Jane? Dads, yes, but kids…?

K9 and Company failed to make it as a series back in 1981 for a number of reasons, incidentally: as well as a transmitter going down just before it aired, killing a good portion of the potential ratings, it was spoilt by a rubbish theme tune and a title sequence that tried to make a convertible Mini Metro look exotic. The script was pretty good though. Roll on a new series, I say.