Good news for West Wing fans

According to the bible itself, a whole gaggle of former West Wing cast members are going to make it back for the final few episodes of the series. Rob Lowe (Sam), Emily Procter (Ainsley), Mary-Louise Parker (Amy Gardner), Gary Cole (Vice President Bob Russell), Tim Matheson (former Vice President John Hoynes), Marlee Matlin (Joey Lucas), Anna Deavere Smith (Nancy) and Annabeth Gish (Elizabeth Bartlet) are all scheduled to appear in the final five episodes, with Lowe starring in the final two episodes. Who wants a bet that he’s going to replace Leo as the Democrats’ vice presidential nomination? Maybe he’s even married off to Ainsley. Quite a coup to manage to extract Procter from CSI: Miami‘s gruelling filming schedule, though, so clearly she’s going to be quite important in the scheme of things.

Of equal note is the fact that Timothy Busfield (Danny), who will also be appearing in the final few episodes of the show, is to appear along with Bradley Whitford (Josh) in Aaron Sorkin’s new project Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.