Bungle’s back!

Broadcast Now has some interesting news today (despite ending up in my Junk mail box).

First up, Nick Jr’s bought the rights to Rainbow! Unfortunately, it won’t be a new series of Rainbow, but the Geoffrey-free final season, which will air as part of a ‘classics’ evening block that includes Bagpuss, Mr Benn, The Wombles, The Clangers and Paddington. All the same, warm fuzzy feelings all round on that one.

Secondly, despite ABC1 already having bought the rights to air it and having turned it down once for being rubbish, More4 has bought the rights to show the awful Commander in Chief once The West Wing has finished. Not so many warm fuzzy feelings on that one. You probably won’t remember my reviews of it so I’ll just reiterate the main point: even if you’re already a liberal, you’ll end up hating liberals by the end of it, because this is the same kind of warm, fuzzy, unrealistic view of the world that so many of us are afflicted with. Not that conservative TV, like Threat Matrix, is any better, but a hint of Realpolitik might come in handy on US TV some time.