Trailer for HBO’s The Newsroom, by Aaron Sorkin

Well, he’s done comedy shows with Studio 60, sports shows with Sports Night, and now it’s the turn of news shows to get the Aaron Sorkin-treatment with The Newsroom, which is going to air on HBO this summer. It’s got a slightly stellar cast, including Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer and Sam Waterston, but what do you think from this trailer?



Review: Bent (NBC) 1×1-1×2

NBC's Bent

In the US: Wednesdays, 9/8c, NBC

There are some people, it seems, who can more or less kill any project they’re in, just through proximity. Jennifer Aniston, talented actress though she might be, can pretty much guarantee that any movie she’s in will be terrible.

Then there’s David Walton. Walton is the ebola virus to the immune-deficient patient of NBC sitcoms. He was in NBC’s 100 Questions, which had its episode order cut down to six before it even aired, after which it was promptly cancelled. Then he joined one of NBC’s 2011 mid-season replacements, Perfect Couples, which was practically DOA.

Now he’s one of the two stars of Bent, in which he and Studio 60‘s Amanda Peet (could she be the next Jennifer Aniston?) are ‘bent (but not broken)’ individuals, she an up-tight newly-divorced lawyer, he a gambling- and sex-addicted contractor, both on the inevitable rom-com path to togetherness.

And despite the fact it has an excellent pedigree behind the scenes, zingy dialogue, and one interesting supporting character, there’s not more than two laughs in the first two episodes (not even one laugh per episode) and it’s got spectacularly low ratings, even for an NBC show.

David Walton has killed another show. Watch it splew blood in your face if you dare.

Here’s a trailer, which actually doesn’t look that bad. Don’t let that fool you – wear a mask.

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Aaron Sorkin visits 30 Rock and, yes, Studio 60 gets mentioned

Last Thursday, little known writer Aaron Sorkin – you may have heard of him from The West Wing, The Social Network and Studio 60 – cameoed on something called 30 Rock, a somewhat similarly themed show about sketch comedy that debuted on NBC at the same time as Studio 60, resulting in just a tad of rivalry.

In case you missed it or have yet to see it and want to watch it now, here it’s the epic meeting between him and Tina Fey in a somewhat recognisable style.

Wednesday’s “Being Human spin-off” news



British TV



Review: Cupid 1×1

Sarah Paulson and Bobby Canavale in Cupid

In the US: Tuesdays, 10/9c, ABC

I’m getting an eerie sense of déjà vu here. ABC’s newest ‘romantic dramedy’ (yes, that is a genre, apparently), Cupid, is about a man who claims to be the Roman god of love, Cupid, sent to Earth by the other gods to give 100 couples true love before he can return. Sounds kind of original, doesn’t it?

I’ll tell you why I’m getting déjà vu. For one thing, not more than half a year ago, The CW was running Valentine in which Eros/Cupid along with Aphrodite and a bunch of the other Greek gods were out and about trying to bring people together in true love to avoid their own extinction. Okay, that died a death on the grounds of scheduling, not being very good, Jaime Murray, etc, but Cupid really isn’t that different.

But the other big déjà vu score comes from the fact this is a remake. There’s already been a Cupid – a mere 10 years ago – on the same network, with the same writer and the same scripts, just a different cast.

You’ve got to love it, haven’t you?

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