NBC announces fall schedule

The dates of NBC’s fall schedule are now avaiiable. It all kicks off on September 18th. Noteably, Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip will appear on September 18th. As mentioned previously, Heroes joins the Monday night line-up on September 25. My Name is Earl will be back on Thursdays, starting the 21st.

Matthew Perry to return to TV in another Aaron Sorkin project

Matthew Perry (you know, Chandler on Friends) is to make his regular-TV comeback on Aaron Sorkin’s regular-TV comeback, Studio 7 on the Sunset Strip, according to Ain’t It Cool News.

Sorkin is very loyal to those who impress him, and that’s probably why he’s given Perry the role. If you recall, Perry made a few guest appearances on Sorkin’s The West Wing, and was actually very good.

Equally, Perry is as much a writer at heart as an actor, so he probably likes the idea of sticking with someone who can write.

We should probably expect Joshua Malina to turn up some point as well, now he’s been released from The West Wing. Malina’s been in almost everything that Sorkin’s done, right from the stage version of A Few Good Men that launched Sorkin’s career. Sorkin’s loyalty to Malina, among other things, stems from Malina saving Sorkin’s life in a burger-swallowing incident. I don’t think that’s why Perry’s got the job though.

UPDATE: Variety’s confirmed the story.