Review: Standoff


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I’ve been busy this week, so I haven’t had time to review things as quickly as I’d have liked. Sorry. So we’re cramming a few reviews in today, starting with Standoff, which aired on Tuesday.

Not that there’s a load of good reasons to rush this one out, because despite the presence of the always wonderful Ron Livingston (Sex and the City, Office Space) and Gina Torres at the top of the cast list, this show is a bit of a dud.

Standoff, you see, has a double meaning. As well as being a drama about hostage negotiators, it’s also about negotiation within relationships. Oh, as they say, dear.

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Five has the rights to Thomas and Friends

Thomas!You might not care about this, but I do. Five has acquired the rights to show new episodes of Thomas and Friends. According to the Media Guardian, “Producer HIT Entertainment also announced it is shooting a new series starring Reverend W Audry’s famous locomotive in high definition. The series, which will air in May 2007, will include 13 new stories and see Thomas cross the Island of Sodor to new locations. New characters will also be introduced: two brand new mainline engines and a big, black truck.”

Which is all very lovely. But I have a quick question: Why is it that they won’t reprint the original Thomas The Tank Engine books? I’ve still got mine, sitting in a box, waiting for the time we have kids. But what about parents who aren’t so lucky? No proper Thomas books. That’s sad.

Actually, there’s a growing trade in buying up then reprinting old kids book. Maybe something to be done there, publishers?