Fox – the network of variable taste

Good old Fox. It commissions series that are evidently rubbish and keeps them going for years (cf Married with Children). It also commissions really good series that it cancels in mere minutes (cf John Doe, Firefly – I’m told). And sometimes it commissions pure rubbish that it cancels almost instantly (cf most of its output for the last 20 or so years). Which sides of Fox are we seeing in the latest news?

  • ‘Til Death and Standoff have been picked up for full seasons (more or less). Both are awful. Standoff cranked up an impressive four on the Carusometer while I turned off halfway through the last episode of ‘Til Death, which managed to achieve a five, a full Caruso on the Carusometer, it was that bad.
  • Vanished, previously off the air for a couple of weeks but scheduled to return in December, is now going to air only on the InterWeb and has officially been cancelled.