Glasgow’s first superhero comes to the Web

Fraser Coull of Silly Wee Films has asked me to mention his upcoming new TV series, Night is Day. Since he’s actually been nice enough to comment on this blog about the crapness of Torchwood, I’m happy to oblige. Says Fraser:

Okay, so “Night is Day” is an internet drama series about Glasgow’s first superhero, and the first 6 episodes (each lasting 10-15 minutes, except for episode 6 which will last 25 minutes), the first episode will be shown on Sky channel Propeller TV at somepoint in the near future. Episode 1 which is completely free to watch, will be made available online on the 25th of November, and each following episode will be released monthly for only £2 each.

Inspired by the likes of “Doctor Who”, “Spider-Man” and “Angel” and not at all like “Torchwood”, you can find out more at

There’s a YouTube trailer for the series below and you can also read an interview with the Silly Wee Films people at Channel 4’s IdeasFactory.