Which paper to read about the new companion?

Of course, the news is out in all the papers about who the new companion on Doctor Who is (I won’t name names at this point so as to preserve some element of surprise for those who don’t want to know until Saturday). But it’s interesting, as always, to plough through them all, just to see which ones do anything other than crib from the press release.

So here’s a pretty standard example from the Daily Mirror. Just a rewrite basically. But let’s not judge too much, since plenty of other papers, including media bible The Guardian, The Scotsman and the Daily Record did the same thing.

The Times adds a few extra nuggets of info, though, including speculation on how the actress involved will play the character differently from Billie Piper.

Here’s the Independent’s version. Note the angle of the story, plus they got a nice quote from someone else, albeit someone who doesn’t actually know any of the parties involved.

Lastly, there’s the pure evil, alternative universe version of that angle. Of course, it’s from the Daily Mail. On the one hand, the Mail has clearly done more legwork than all the other papers put together, which should be something to be applauded. Yet, by the end of the story, somehow it’s not…


And the new Doctor Who companion is…

I’ve seen the press release, I’ve seen the name and I can announce that the next Doctor Who companion is… what’s that? It’s embargoed until midnight? Bugger.

Oh well. I can tell you a few things though:

  1. It’s one of the people listed here.
  2. The character, Martha Jones, hasn’t appeared yet
  3. Our various conspiracy theories were mostly right

So a big pat on the back for the various assembled geniuses here present in advance of the announcement.

UPDATE: Well, it wasn’t me that did it, but if you really want to know who the new companion is, there’s already a Wikipedia article about her. Those embargoes just don’t work like they used to, do they?


Steven Seagal to appear in the next Orange ad

Mr DresdenOrange are a rubbish phone company. I speak from experience. The one thing they do well, however, is make good commercials. There are all those lovely TV ads, for starters. And then there are those cracking ads in the cinemas, featuring Patrick Swayze, Alan Cumming and co. They can usually be more entertaining than the films themselves.

But for the last few months it’s been Sean Astin and I’ve got bored, despite the great voiceover. I think we all have. I want to hear the likes of “Make me bleed!” again.

Thankfully, there’s a new ad on the way. And fantastically enough, it has the legendary Steven Seagal in it. The full story is at the Media Guardian, but here’s the basic plot:

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More Ultraviolet

I’ve had a request. The sheer excellence of Idris Elba, one of the stars of the UK version and the unaired US version of Ultraviolet, has brought people flocking in and now they’d like to see a scene of him in the aforementioned Best Vampire Show ever.

Region 2 UK DVD releaseIf you’ve never seen Idris in anything, get hold of a copy of Ultraviolet if you can (Amazon links: Region 1 US DVD release; this is for the Region 2 UK DVD release) or just as good, any of the three seasons of The Wire, which is probably the best, most realistic cop show you’ll ever see. Idris, despite being a Hackney native, does a great Baltimore accent. You can also catch The Wire on FX in the UK.

Anyway, here’s the clip. It’s from Terra Incognita again and is actually the scene preceding the last clip. It’s my favourite scene from the whole show and would have been my first choice to demonstrate Ultraviolet‘s fine qualities if it hadn’t been a bit of a spoiler. Plus it runs at six minutes.

If you have any questions, leave a comment!