Tuesday’s rainy day news

Doctor Who

  • Billie Piper says she cried while watching The Christmas Invasion.
  • The Daily Star (motto: never once a correct story) reckons David Tennant’s leaving at the end of series three
  • Maybe it’s because he was turned away from the BBC when the guard didn’t recognise him
  • David Tennant’s Recovery got beaten by Lewis in Sunday’s ratings.


  • A graphic novel will fill in the gap between 28 Days Later and its sequel
  • Aaron Eckhart talks Two Face
  • Simon Pegg and Nick Frost will be in Virgin Picadilly for a signing between 6pm and 7pm tomorrow.
  • Wish list casting for Star Trek XI

British TV

  • Sky, obviously having learnt nothing from Channel 4’s Space Cadets, has a new reality show in with six people are arrested for murdering Brigitte Nielsen.


  • Images from the new Babylon 5 DVD movies.
  • Kristin Chenoweth joins Pushing Daisies
  • Anna Paquin is to play a telepathic waitress who becomes a vampire’s love interest in True Blood
  • Carrie-Anne Moss is joining Guy Ritchie’s Suspect.
  • Spoilers from Kristin about various shows, mostly Grey’s Anatomy and Lost. But Studio 60 is still shooting episodes, apparently.
  • William Petersen talks and spoils.