What I learned by watching television last week

24: Never give jessie-wuss girls a gun because they’ll never use it, even when it could shorten a whole season and save the US

30 Rock: Is getting seriously cerebral. I thought Numb3rs was the only show on tele that could talk about “transitive properties”

Battlestar Galactica: James Callis can do a pretty good Yorkshire accent (he did go to the University of York, apparently); the class war will continue in space

The Class: Adultery is perfectly acceptable if your husband mixes you up with one of his ex-wives.

CSI: William Petersen’s beards can be used as plot development

Heroes: Is just so cool

Lost: Some flashbacks can be amazingly tedious and pointless and should be best left forgotten

Numb3rs: Just occasionally, Ken Sanzel can write a good episode. It’s still not great, though, not even though it’s ripping off 24

Studio 60: If you’re going to go, go out on a bang or your chances of ever coming back are scuppered.

The Unit: It’s possible to make the LA metro look like the Berlin underground system. A bit.