Review: Doctor Who – The Kingmaker

Big Finish's The KingmakerI know I said I wasn’t going to mention those Big Finish audios again, but this tickled me. As you may know, the Big Finish Doctor Who audio plays have various past Doctors appearing in new stories. Apart from Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor, for whom they don’t have the rights, the most notable absence in their line-up is Tom Baker. They asked him if he’d like to do any, but there are ‘creative differences’ in how they’d like to feature the fourth Doctor and how Tombo wants to play him.

So, stuck with this thorny problem, the Big Finish have come up with a clever way round the issue in their latest play, The Kingmaker.

Q: What do you do if you want Tom Baker but he’s a fruit-bat who wants a talking cabbage for a companion?

A: You hire Jon Culshaw from Dead Ringers instead!

He’s only in a little bit, but it’s still a funny turn in a funny play, so catch it if you can. You’ll never guess who the villain is…