ITV has found a clue! Oh wait. No it hasn’t.

Hot on the heels of the slightly worrying ITV game plan announced last week comes evidence that ITV may actually have found a clue somewhere: it’s signed up Ricky Gervais and Al Murray for their own shows.

Unfortunately, the clue kind of stops there.

Gervais has written a series based on his book Flanimals, which he’ll be making in association with Aardman Animations. Sounds good for kids anyway. But only for kids. It’s not at all for adults that book or its sequel, so we’re not looking at another family show like Doctor Who here. I’m not thrilled about its long-term prospects.

And Al Murray has his own fake chat show! Cracking. That’s a completely unmined format then. I suspect that’s going to run for about a season at best. I’m also guessing his US pilot didn’t take off, either.

Oh well. At least it’s trying.

Billie’s reason for leaving

Again, assuming it’s all not some elaborate bluff, thanks to the Radio Times (via Entertainmentwise), we learn why Billie Piper’s leaving Doctor Who:

The longer I stayed, the more scared I’d be of leaving because it’s so comfortable and nice. I’m utterly grateful for the whole experience but you have to take care of yourself and do what you feel it right.

Okay. Not much of an explanation, but I suspect that’s the best we’ll get until her autobiography comes out. She’s 23 and she’s writing it now. At that age, my autobiography would have filled a couple of those notepads you find in hotel rooms.