FreeAgent is a Nathan Barley fan

Nathan Barley

So I was never a great fan of Nathan Barley. Well, to be more accurate, I was a huge fan of Charlie Brooker’s original take on Barley in marvellous Radio Times pastiche TV Go Home, a required web site for anyone interested in TV in the late 90s. As a result, I hated Nathan Barley, which seemed to me to be just a piss-weak sitcom version and the fact both Brooker and Chris Morris were the writers deeply upset me.

Still, the cool kids loved it. Plus good cast who’ve gone on to much bigger things since (most of them, anyway). As has Brooker, of course.

The cool kids apparently still do love it, because I was just testing out FreeAgent, a cloud accountancy service, because that’s the kind of thing we freelances have to do, when look what turned out to be the default details for the free trial account:

Nathan Barley

Yep, Nathan Barley, who was of course a “self facilitating media node“. Kudos for a TV reference, at least.

Plus if you look here, you’ll see Dan Ashcroft gets a namecheck on the company web site, too.