Stargate Origins – the movie is now available on iTunes

Stargate Origins

Call me a prophet. When I reviewed the first three episodes of Stargate Command’s 10-part Stargate prequel Stargate Origins, I suggested:

I wonder if the plan is to use it to build up interest in Stargate Command now and then maybe flog Origins on iTunes and other platforms later on.

Guess what. Stargate Origins is now available on iTunes as a movie for £13.99. Aren’t I amazing?

One of the reasons I suggested holding off on watching Origins after the first three episodes was that Stargate Command’s pricing model was unclear. Now it’s clearer:

The Stargate Origins feature cut in 4K* is available now on iTunes! Re-live the first trip to Abydos with young Catherine Langford as she embarks on an adventure to rescue her father and save the Earth from a spreading evil and an unimaginable darkness.

Get the Stargate Origins feature cut (approx. a $19.99 value) for free with the purchase of an All-Access Pass which includes access to all Stargate episodes, movies, and more for just $20!

So there you go. Buy the film on iTunes or get it and all the TV episodes, the episodic version of Origins et al for the same price. Obvious choice? Yes. Particularly given iTunes only works on Apple things and Windows, whereas Stargate Command works on all of those, including Apple TV, as well as Android and Amazon Fire. Roku users et al? Sorry – neither work right now, but I have higher expectations of Stargate Command coming up with something for you than I do of Apple.