What have you been watching? Including Fortitude, The Great Indoors, The Magicians, Powerless and Son of Zorn

It’s “What have you been watching?”, my chance to tell you what movies and TV I’ve been watching recently and your chance to recommend anything you’ve been watching.

It’s been a bumper week for new shows. I’ve already reviewed Superior Donuts (US: CBS), 24: Legacy (US: Fox; UK: Fox UK), APB (US: Fox) and Legion (US: Fox; UK: Fox UK), and passed a third-episode verdict on Cardinal (Canada: CTV/Super Écran; UK: BBC Four), but that still leaves me with Imposters (US: TNT), Newton’s Law (Australia: ABC) and Riverdale (US: The CW; UK: Netflix) to review or pass third-episode verdicts on. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on getting all of them done, but as I’m taking Wednesday off, there might be a slight delay.

But after the jump, this week’s look at the latest episodes of the regulars: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Fortitude, The Great Indoors, Lethal Weapon, The Magicians, Man Seeking Woman, Powerless, Son of Zorn, and Timeless

Shows I’ve been watching but not recommending

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (US: The CW; UK: Sky 1)
2×11 – Turncoat
Even more historically hilarious than usual, thanks to some liberal reinterpretations of the American Revolutionary War (“Without Washington, there would have been no democracy in America!” Tell that to Canada…) But obviously to be taken with a pinch of salt in an episode in which the (Australian) Dominic Purcell’s lunkheaded, immoral Rory is held up as the quintessential American. Also, quite a smart move to make tedious old Rip a more interesting bad guy this season. Lastly, kudos to whoever wrote the truly marvellous opening intro this week.
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The Flash (US: The CW; UK: Sky 1)
3×12 – Untouchable
More entertaining as an episode than previous weeks’ Barry-centric episodes since Barry has cheered up a bit at least. Otherwise, relatively bog standard, even if Draco Malfoy is livening things considerably.
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The Great Indoors (US: CBS; UK: ITV2)
1×12 – Paul’s Surprise
In which Joel McHale is a dick to everyone, particularly his ex’s fiancé, which turns out to be quite sad to watch rather than funny. Still, at least millennials quibbling over exactly who’s above everyone else in the org chart was amusing, as was everyone trying to out-app one another with Powerpoint v iMovie v Final Cut Pro.
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Lethal Weapon (US: Fox; UK: ITV)
1×14 – The Murtaugh File
Obviously having noticed that Jordana Brewster doesn’t have a lot to do right now, a Jordana Brewster-centric episode that’s pretty much unremarkable in every other way. Will she turn out to be the future Rene Russo? Not before Leo Getz turns up next week unfortunately…
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Powerless (US: NBC)
1×2 – Wayne Dream Team
Snore. Well, that was pretty unwatchable, wasn’t it? I think I came close to laughing about three times and the tribute to The Shining with the HR videos was pretty neat, but why are they doubling down on Crimson Fax and Jack O’Lantern? Has DC Corporate really not authorised them to use any other characters? Because it’s going to kill the show if they haven’t.
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Timeless (US: NBC; UK: E4)
1×13 – The Lost Generation
Not one, not two but three! exciting heroes from history to meet this week, although the main interest comes really from a slight changes in the format. Nothing spectacular, but generally of a good standard, and Abigail Spencer got to show off how good she is at (pretending to speak) French.
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The recommended list

Fortitude (UK: Sky Atlantic)
Starting to improve its pacing as it heads off into matters horrific, although the number of polar bears getting killed is starting to become problematic. It’s not yet clear again what the Big Bad is going to be this season, although we have enough details to guess (although look where that would have got us last time). The introduction of the Russians into the set-up is a promising move, too, and the fact Dennis Quaid seems to have abandonned all hope as far as feigning a Norwegian accent is concerned is a definitively good move. But it will need to give me a bit more to work with in the next couple of episodes to make me stick with it, although I hear episode nine is the one that’s going to traumatise everyone.
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The Magicians (US: Syfy; UK: 5*)
2×3 – Divine Elimination
Properly funny (wait till you find out why the episode is so named) but also suprisingly eventful for a mere third episode, with deaths aplenty and all manner of scary things. The question is: where does the show go next?
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Man Seeking Woman (US: FXX)
3×6 – Pad Thai
Another Lucy episode, making Josh seem a bit third-wheel to the show at the moment, which is odd. But some fun points about what happens to long-term couples, particularly when it comes to Netflix, and a good heist-movie pastiche, too.
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Son of Zorn (US: Fox)
1×13 – The Quest for Craig
Zorn and the gang go on a quest, while Alan puts his cartoon side to good use kicking things. A little bit same-old, same-old, with Craig surprisingly providing the most laughs, but still pretty funny.
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