News: Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stores; BBC4 acquires Modus; Master of None renewed; + more

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  • Mark Carroll

    Modus: Huh, I expect it'd be quite a challenge to be accepted to be an FBI agent with foreign family ties and retaining foreign citizenship.

    Likely Stories might be fun.

  • JustStark

    Modus will sit alongside other international dramas on BBC Four including Trapped, The Code and Hinterland.


  • Bloody English

  • Maybe. Depends on how much of an 'advisor' she was, rather than a field agent. But it seems unlikely. Dual-nationality maybe?

  • Mark Carroll

    Yeah, dual nationality would be be good: one probably needs to be at least a resident alien to touch even ITAR stuff and almost everything in the FBI will be NOFORN, etc. too. However, one of the standard security screening questions for anything remotely interesting is basically, “Are you willing to renounce your foreign citizenship?” which makes me wonder for what subset they say, “ok, go do that then”; background checks will take a hearty interest in any lingering foreign ties, and they'll be strict because agency work will require Top Secret at minimum and it's not like they're short of applicants.

    But, a TV drama that requires some suspension of disbelief? Golly. (-: