Afternoon Edition podcast available for the next 30 days

Anyone who for some reason wants to listen to my appearance on BBC Radio 5’s Afternoon Edition yesterday can do so for the next 30 days by clicking here. Although we didn’t quite have time to cover Scorpion, as advertised, I did manage to find the time to slag off Jonathan Ross and the licence fee, muse about soap opera recasting, ponder Strictly Come Dancing and mention The Affair. And if you’d like to read slightly longer, written reviews of all the shows I did mention, here you go:

Had I got my thinking hat on, I’d have mentioned recasting on S4C’s Caerdydd as well. But I didn’t. Oh well.

  • Mark Carroll

    Thank you, downloaded and added to the list. (-: (I managed to forget all about it at the time!)

  • GYAD

    Very good…you actually made me interested in the C5 Rome doco.

  • No – thank you!

  • I thought it was surprisingly good. Hope you enjoyed it!

  • GYAD

    Yeah, it wasn't half bad. Nothing much that I didn't already know but enthusiastically done, suitably long form and with good access to some great locations.

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