I hate you Sky+ – Caerdydd’s back and you didn’t tell me!

Caerdydd - Series Four

A while ago, I mentioned the virtues of Sky+. ‘Series link’ was one of those virtues – press the magic green button when you have an item selected in the TV planner and it’ll record the entire series for you.

Except, apparently, if it’s a new series. I’ve been scouring the listings for a while now but completely failed to notice that series four of Caerdydd has been running for five weeks now! Five weeks! And Sky+, despite that series link having been set up for series three, has been ignoring series four completely. Damn you Sky+!

Anyway, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, we can catch up through the S4C web site, although there’s only four days left to watch the first episode before it disappears. I heartily encourage you all to watch it right now if you’re not because it’s ace. You can get Welsh or English subtitles online, so don’t you be a-worrying you won’t understand what’s going on.

Incidentally, I have Dylan over at shitclic.blogspot.com to thank for this information – go visit him, too, because he’s a very kind and useful person!

Hey Rob. Love the site – I log on regularly to get my daily fix for TV news and reviews. I noticed you were an avid fan of the popular Welsh soap-drama “Caerdydd” on S4C last year… and surprised you haven’t mentioned the third series currently shown on Sundays at 9pm (repeated with onscreen subtitles for our English friends 😉 on Thursdays at 10.30pm. Check out the great new mini-website www.s4c-caerdydd.co.uk… oh, and my tv blog in the lingo of heaven as noted!

Cheers/Hwyl fawr!


See? Kind and useful.

Just as a quick reminder, here’s how series three ended. And for all you Torchwood lovers, here’s Ianto Jones (aka Gareth David-Lloyd) when he appeared on the show opposite Siwan Morris.