News: Crossbones trailer, the Almighty Brokenwood Mysteries, Katherine Parkison is Semi Detached + more

Internet TV

New Zealand TV


New UK TV show casting

  • Katherine Parkinson, Ralf Little and Stephen Tompkinson to star in ITV comedy Semi Detached, Darren Boyd to star in The Delivery Man


US TV show casting

New US TV shows

  • Trailer for NBC’s Crossbones, with John Malkovich
  • Trailer for SyFy’s Dominion
  • Trailer for WEtv’s The Divide
  • Trailer for The CW’s Supernatural: Bloodlines

New US TV show casting

  • GYAD

    Crossbones — so basically, it's the usual ahistorical tosh that's only worth watching to see how crazy Malkovich is allowed to act.

  • TBH, given NBC's MO, I'd have been awe-struck if it had been anything but. Did you watch Crusoe at all? I was expecting the same, basically.


  • GYAD

    Nope, I'd never even heard of Crusoe.

    It looks…a tad overblown.

    Your review sounds very fair — good for kids, less so for adults.

    TBH, although we're in a new golden age as far as getting historical shows commissioned, nobody seems to be bothered about how good the history actually is, even if it is more interesting than regurgitated genre tropes…

  • I can't think of the last time when historical dramas actually tried to be properly historical. Probably the 70s or the 80s in the UK, and Mad Men and The Americans are trying their hardest (give or take in the latter's case) in the US, although it upsets me greatly to think of them as period dramas. Vikings, of course, has the tricky task of being historical about someone who probably didn't actually exist…

    Crusoe was pretty poor. Better than the likes of Camelot or the horrific Da Vinci's Demons, but not exactly I Claudius.

  • GYAD

    That sounds about right.

  • JustStark

    Dumas wasn't exactly concerned about historical accuracy either, though…

  • GYAD


    It depends what you want in historical fiction. Dumas played fast and loose with people, events and dates but he (or his ghost writers) caught the spirit of the era(s).

    Something like Crossbones on the other hand is just using history to provide it with a setting and funny clothes for the actors to wear.