Weekly Wonder Woman: Batman/Superman Annual #1

Batman/Superman Annual #1

Only a guest appearance by Diana in this week’s Weekly Wonder Woman – a cameo in Batman/Superman Annual #1. A strange and funny little tale by Greg Pak, it sees various members of the Bat family and the Super family head off to Warworld to fight the son of Mongul, because if they don’t, he’ll blast away bits of the Earth with his great big space gun.

However, before Supes and co go on their way, Diana turns up first to ask why she’s not coming and then to wish them all good luck – and to give Supergirl her sword because Clark’s such a great big girls’ blouse when it comes to this killing thing. It’s essentially a few panes of lovely character moments beautifully illustrated by the always wonderful Jae Lee that’s good for Diana, good for the Superman-Wonder Woman relationship and even good for Wonder Woman-Supergirl, who have a sort of rapprochement following their last big bust up.

Worth a flick through, at least.

Wonder Woman wants to know why she's not coming

Wonder Woman must stay behind