Under The Skin sounds rubbish, looks terrifying

So Scarlett Johansson’s got a new film in-festival at the moment: Under The Skin. In it, she’s an alien who comes to Scotland and after reviving a corpse, has sex with lots of guys and kills them. It’s supposed to depict an alien’s view of life on Earth and have very little dialogue.

Sounds rubbish, doesn’t it? But here’s the teaser trailer:

Yikes. It’s directed by Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast, Birth) from a book by Michel Faber. It also apparently had an odd filming technique:

In many ways, it was shot like a sophisticated and extended episode of “Candid Camera.” Johansson would climb into a van equipped with an array of hidden video cameras, each about the size of a pack of cigarettes.

As she cruised around Glasgow, where the actress was rarely recognized, she would try to persuade strangers to climb in the passenger seat, just as if she were the character she was playing. If the men were willing, they would later be informed that they had unwittingly joined a movie and would be asked to sign a release.

Should be worth a watch, I reckon. Anyone read the book?

UPDATED (4/9/13): Broken video replaced with working video