Monday’s “Dylan Moran’s US sitcom, Arrow casts The Flash and scenes from The Tunnel” news

Doctor Who

  • Peter Davison confirmed for 50th anniversary celebrations
  • Watch acquires BBC America Doctor Who documentary

Film casting



New UK TV shows

  • Images from Sky/Canal+’s The Tunnel

New UK TV show casting

  • Philip Glenister, Bernard Hill et al join BBC1’s From There To Here
  • Casting on BBC1’s Jamaica Inn, BBC2’s A Poet in New York and ITV’s Lucan


US TV casting

New US TV shows

  • ABC developing historically tone deaf, alternative reality show The Thirteen
  • Dylan Moran to write and star in ABC sitcom
  • Fox orders: The Middle Man from Glenn Gordon Caron and Ben Affleck
  • NBC developing CIA comedy

New US TV show casting