Wednesday’s mellow-out cool news

Runaway Bride

Or maybe overly geeky news. Which do you think?

Doctor Who

  • Lots of Runaway Bride pictures.
  • An interview with Verity Lambert, first producer of Who (originally published in Dreamwatch in 2004, but they’re reviving their archive of material online)




  • Genre pilot pick-ups, including the US version of Life on Mars.
  • Futurama: Those new Comedy Central episodes are going to be re-edits of some Futurama movies coming to DVD.
  • Heroes: Masses of spoilers from E!’s Kristin.
  • From Ask Auriello:
    • Heroes: Malcolm McDowell might have a part.
    • Prison Break: What sort of things will happen in season three.
    • Studio 60: There’s going to be a flashback episode soon.