It finally had to happen…

So I’m wanting to rewatch season one of The Almighty Johnsons, just to see if there were things flagged up way back when that I missed at the time. I check iTunes and it only has season 3, and only those episodes that have already aired on SyFy in the UK.


So I stump up the cash and buy it from Amazon instead. Yay. I now have The Almighty Johnsons to watch. 

Except… I’m flicking through Netflix a few days later and (shock!) they only have both seasons 1 and 2 to view for free (if you’re a subscriber, obviously). Yes, it had to happen one day: Netflix actually had something I wanted to watch, when I wanted to watch it and I didn’t bother to check, because it was so unprecedented.

Rats. Still, at least I have a DVD now…. and if you haven’t seen the show and you have Netflix, now’s your chance to watch it. It’s very good, even if it takes a little time to warm up.