A proper trailer for FX’s remake of The Bridge

The Bridge

The Bridge is probably my favourite of all the Nordic Noir TV series that have so far come our way in the UK. With gripping direction and scripts and stand-out performances from Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia, it knocks most other series for six. Here’s a trailer for it, in case you missed it:

As well as garnering itself a second series, the show is also set to be adapted around the world. The show’s premise of a dead body found on the exact border of two countries lends itself well to international co-production – indeed, the original was a bilingual Swedish-Danish co-production – so the UK and France are working together on The Tunnel (guess where that is set) while in the US, FX is remaking it as… The Bridge, although it’s set on the Mexico-US border rather than the Swedish-Danish one, obviously.

We’ve had a few teaser trailers so far…

…but now we have a proper trailer for the show, which stars Diana Kruger and Demian Bichir:

Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir

And here it is – you can see that a lot of the scenes are the same as the original’s. Kruger doesn’t register as well as Helin did, but I’ll wait till series proper for full judgement: