I am not a number, I am a holiday-maker: a field-trip to Portmeirion

Portmeirion road-sign

So, I went off to Snowdonia (that’s in North Wales, non-UK readers. You know where Wales is, right?) for the weekend – hence my absence on Friday. Bit of a trek, what with the traffic and all, so seven hours drive each way. Argh.

Anyway, we’re just coming up to our hotel when to my surprise, I see a sign to Portmeirion. Honestly, I had no idea it was there – I thought it was further north. It’s not.

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But the TV gods had clearly spoken to Dealcloud, which is how we ended up at this particular hotel (which also turned out to have been visited by Jackie O and Ted Kennedy at some point) only 15 minutes away from where The Prisoner was filmed. Remember The Prisoner – the original Patrick McGoohan version, not the remake? Here, at least, is the iconic title sequence, which also explains the plot (secret agent resigns so is kidnapped and imprisoned in a seemingly loving prison called The Village):

Anyway, having made it out that far, how could we not go and have a wander round? Okay, it’s £10 per adult, but we’ll live. So, after the jump, lots of pictures of Portmeirion: how much will you recognise, discerning Prisoner fans?

A handy map of your village

Your village


The clock tower

The clock tower

Looking up[

The band stand

The colonnade

The village

The gardens

You can see the stone ship in the middle if you look carefully

The beach, including the stone ship

And finally, me outside Number 6’s house, which is now a Prisoner memorabilia shop. No, I didn’t dress the part. Sorry.

Number 6's house

  • tobyob

    Not just 'The Prisoner', but at least one episode of 'Danger Man' (“View From The Villa”) and “The Masque Of Mandragora” story of 'Doctor Who'. For both of those episodes it was supposed to be in Italy, so I've made an historical location shot connection between the two for the Toobworld Dynamic,

    And I'm jealous that you got to visit the place!

  • There's actually a book by Roger Langley of all the places it's been used for in TV and film

  • Julia Williams

    have been there once, years ago. Proper mental it is. Couldn't quite worked out if I liked it or not!!

  • Gareth Williams

    I see you've finally come and joined us at the proper end of Wales. You should've told me you were coming and I could've pointed you in the direction of the beach where the scenes from the series where filmed, which are a lot sandier than Portmeirion. Actually, it's been freezing so maybe not.

    I can't wait to see your snaps from Rhyl 😉

    Gareth (formally TheAbergeleFella)

  • Ah, nothing says reassuring quite like someone you've met on the Internet arranging to come round to your house, does it?

    Didn't get to Rhyl, but we did have a lovely time, the day we went to Bangor.

  • It's hard to know when you've seen it so much on TV, isn't it?