• That's really nicely done, and it makes sense that SJS would have written it. However, if they raised Melody, what does that do to River's timeline?

  • Depends how long for, I would guess: how long they raise her for, how long it takes Melody to age, whether Melody ends up with an English, Scottish or US accent, etc. It could just about work with a little bit of playing around, I suspect.

  • Electric Dragon

    Not sure the timeline works. If they arrived in 1963, and Rory died at 82 in 2000 (and Amy at 87 in 2005), wouldn't that make them 45 in Angels Take Manhattan? Not even a pair of glasses and a comment about crow's feet could make Amy look 45.

  • Depends on whether they arrived in the same year after being touched by the Angel

  • Aw isn't that sweet…