News: Sarah Shahi is Nancy Drew; Nicole Scherzinger’s Dirty Dancing; NCIS renewed; Satisfaction cancelled; + more

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  • GYAD

    The Nancy Drew update will probably be terrible – I mean, the whole point is she's a kid detective… – but I have enjoyed seeing so many people complain about the role going to an “Arab”

    “BBC developing: YA adaption of The 39 Steps”

    How about having an original thought BBC?

    “National Geographic green lights: period cop drama The Black 22s”

    I for one cannot wait for hours of derivative period procedural whilst being told over and over again that racism is wrong (gosh, really?)

    But, hey, if they can turn Nat Turner into a hero…

  • I quite liked Sarah Shahi in Life, so I could imagine her being quite good in Drew. Which will be bad. I used to read the Nancy Drew books as a kid, but about all I remember of them is that she had titian hair, a boyfriend called Ned and a dad. On that basis, I don't think there's really much of an inviolable core for Drew to ruin, and at least it'll be a CBS show about a female detective for a change. But Unforgettable was pretty awful, so I don't have high hopes for this.

    Re: The Black 22s. You'll love 11.22.63 then. Apparently, segregation is wrong, too, but we're only going to have one black character to explore that with, the rest of the cast being entirely white and almost never meeting with the black character.

  • Andy Butcher

    Shahi was/is great in Person of Interest as well. But yes, Drew will probably be very bad.

  • GYAD

    Big fan of Shahi. Just amused that they're making an adult Nancy Drew (which misses the point) and that people think she's an Arab.

    As for 11.22.63…I wish I was surprised, but I'm not. 🙁