Cinemax and the BBC’s Hunted tries to do viral

Hunted is a relatively new thing: a shiny British-American action co-production. Like its predecessor, Sky’s Strike Back: Project Dawn, it’s co-produced by Cinemax and showrun by Frank Spotnitz, but in this case, it’s going to be on BBC1 and it’s made by Kudos, the people behind Spooks. It stars Melissa George as a sort-of spy, starts this Thursday at 9pm on BBC1 and on October 19 at 10pm on Cinemax in the US. Also like Strike Back: Project Dawn, it looks great but with a plot that is ‘muchos bobbins’. Here’s a trailer:

Over in the US, Cinemax is trying to raise interest in the show by viral marketing. They’ve set up a web site, Byzantium Tests, that ostensibly claims to be a personality test to see if you are suitable – i.e. disturbed and sociopathic enough – to join Byzantium Security, which is the company (I’m guessing) that Melissa George works for/used to work for in Hunted.

Here’s one of the tests. It features George doing her absolute level best attempt at an English accent.

Unfortunately, I simply don’t have the time to go through the estimated 1.6×10^10 questions in the test to see if it’s any good, but I’m told there’s a good pay-off at the end. Let me know if you make it all the way through…